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Astute Business Consulting is firmly devoted to building critical relationships with our clients to support them in setting up and growing their businesses. Our services are tailormade to meet their unique requirements, as we genuinely value customer satisfaction. We work diligently to develop services that will solve their individual needs. All our clients need to do is to contact us, explain their requirements, and we will offer solutions within clear timelines.

To ensure our clients are involved and have a complete understanding of the work we do, we engage them each step of the way, explaining all aspects of the service to them in straightforward language to confidently describe the concepts to others to achieve their business purposes.

Through our professional services, we assist our clients in achieving their business goals, such as attracting the funding/investment our clients need, convincing potential partners of the viability of their business, providing a roadmap for the growth of their business, etc.

We offer content that any investor will read and invest in through meticulous research. Making their entrepreneurial dreams come true is our goal.



To be globally revered for business consulting services that produce results and are value-for-money.



To produce accurate, relevant, concise, easily understandable, and aesthetically pleasing documents that anybody will want to read and invest in without hesitation.



“A passion for service quality”

“There are always profits to be made when you find underserved customers and provide them with products that they want or need”

Don Debelak

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Since 2007

We formally started operating as a business entity in the year 2012 under the name “Centre for Business Planning and Development”. Hitherto, unofficially, as students at the University of Ghana, Business Plan writing for SMEs was a hobby that we practiced to pass the time.

In 2007, as part of our plans to scale-up, we broadened our service spectrum beyond Business Plan writing hence the need to rebrand to reflect our varied service orientation, thus the name, “Astute Business Consulting”.

The company was started by Emmanuel Portuphy whose hobby was nurtured into this organisation.

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