About Us

Who we are

A professional Consulting firm creating solutions

In April 2017, Astute Business Consulting opened its doors to serve as a resource for companies seeking assistance in creating corporate documentation, including business strategies and proposals. However, we now offer additional services, including market research, business diagnostics, and feasibility analyses.

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Our Vision

To be renowned worldwide for offering cost-effective, high-quality business consulting services.

About Us

Our history

From 2013 to 2017, our organization was known as the Centre for Business Planning and Development. During that period, we were totally focused on delivering professionally written business plans to our customers. However, in 2017, we rebranded as Astute Business Consulting to better reflect the breadth of our operations.

Our people

Our strong team

To keep customers happy, we need to have workers who are both skilled and efficient. We have both permanent and temporary members of staff that have the appropriate levels of education, academic proficiency, training, research experience, and consulting skills. To reliably and promptly deliver on our customers’ expectations, we adhere to a strict hiring guidelines.

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Our Mission

To deliver work that is without a doubt applied to and invested in by everyone and is accurate, pertinent, concise, clear, and aesthetically beautiful.


Why you should choose us

In all stages of our service delivery, we are motivated by a fierce ambition for excellence. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our connection with you, from the planning stages to the editing and printing of the finished product. To ensure them of the finest quality, we provide you with a taste of world-class perfection.

Quality, as used to denote a condition of the greatest calibre, is what we aim to provide for you. We make an effort to give you business plans that are on par in quality with those created by other top-tier specialists for top-tier organizations and initiatives. By following the model of blue-chip corporations around the world, we may achieve this. The unique quality of such plans is their thoroughness, which we successfully mimic in our plans.

Business is quite diverse, thus while developing any business, it is important to make sure that every part of the business is covered. Our dedication to ensure that any concern or scepticism voiced over the company is dispelled through the plans we draft. We take our time and dedicate ourselves to thoroughly investigating every facet of the firm to satiate any lingering questions.

In business, trust is essential. This quality contributes to relationships continuing for a long time. With each of you, we strive to build trustworthy partnerships. In order to accomplish this, we always treat you with the utmost discretion. To protect your best interests, all details about your company and anything else we learn while providing our services are kept private.

Our constant focus is on making sure you receive prompt service delivery. We always make sure to finish our projects by the date we set with you. By limiting ourselves to working and completing tasks within days rather than the two weeks we often agree upon with you, we attempt to exceed your expectations. This is to make sure you have enough time to review the plans we draft so they become automatic.

Our pricing has always been a competitive advantage for us. We work hard to make sure that you can afford our prices. We don't offer pricing that make us extraordinarily profitable because our goal is to assist you in developing your enterprises; rather, we charge prices that will enable you to raise enough money to expand your operations. We also do this to strengthen our relationships with them and increase the referrals we receive.

We ensure that everyone participates in the writing process so that you don’t feel cut off. We accomplish this by asking you a lot of questions to learn all they may know about the concept for their firm. After doing this, we take it further by conducting independent research to compile pertinent data that our customers might not already have to strengthen the plans' content and trustworthiness.