How To Write A Business Plan

GHS 40.00

This book is a guide on how to write business plans by yourselves. It is hoped that with the required level of dedication and commitment, readers will succeed where many others have failed because our clients did not plan.

It takes much time and thinking to develop a business plan that investors will be willing to read and invest in. It usually takes professionals who charge large amounts of money to write Business Plans.

To make writing Business Plans less complicated and more comfortable for would-be entrepreneurs, the author has taken his time to produce this unique book which is a substantial deviation from the other books on Business Plans, which only answer the question “What Is A Business Plan?” without teaching readers in a very straightforward manner, “How To Write A Business Plan”.

The book also contains a detailed explanation of using Microsoft Excel to prepare financial projections. There are over 200 different questions on all the various aspects of business investors will be interested in, grouped per chapter.



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