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Every business was established commonly to solve a problem in society, make life easier for people, commercialize a talent or hobby of the founder (s) and most popular, to make a profit for the owners.

It is, however, very common to see most businesses collapse within a few years of establishment or even remain stagnant in their growth over the succeeding years. The reason for this is low sales caused by an inability to get more clients, which could be caused by, among many other factors, a lack of effective sales and marketing plan to be followed.

One very significant factor which is mostly overlooked when looking for reasons for business failures is “inefficiency” otherwise called “waste”. This problem is visible in almost every business and so there is a need for constant identification and removal of inefficiencies from the business operating processes. How to identify these inefficiencies is made easy by Business Diagnostics, which is the service Astute is offering to help cure your business problems and set you on your way to achieving your objectives. Anything that does not add value slows down work processes, becomes an obstacle for moving work through the stages to satisfying the customer, and increases costs among many others are waste.

The biggest companies in the world spend a lot of money on research and development aimed at helping them identify errors in their system to plan ways of doing things better, making it easy for these businesses to last generations. Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises are presented with this solution as our Business Diagnostics services for a small investment that produces higher value to the business in the end.

What Is Business Diagnostics?

Business diagnostics is assessing your entire business to identify reasons for unsatisfactory performance. It is a process used to assess the health of your business. It allows you to identify the symptoms of problems in your business by analyzing different areas of your business through carefully crafted questions to elicit specific responses.

Conducting a business diagnostic is a multistage process from diagnostic to practice that starts with the identification of symptoms of underperformance and establishes causal linkages between those symptoms and the performance of your business.

The assessment is done on all aspects of your business to identify the root causes of the problems you face in business that are preventing you from achieving your business objectives. Business Diagnostics helps you solve your most difficult business problems professionally with the problems repeating themselves.

We start by doing a general health check of your business before drilling down to the various functions of your business to identify the exact problems there are that need fixing. Through our service, we can help you determine how to significantly improve the net profit of your business over the coming 12 months and long into the future. All you must do is give us the basic information we require about your business, with which we will conduct our very extensive research to come up with the very business plan that you require.

Benefits Of Business Diagnostics

  • Force you to take stock of where you are in terms of receiving your desired returns from your business.
  • Lift you out of the day-to-day trenches to allow you to see your business from an external perspective
  • Reveal the underlying causes of problems that may be holding your business back from achieving its full potential.
  • Help you understand what important information or key performance indicators you should be monitoring to gain greater results from your business.
  • Identify opportunities to work on your business to improve profitability.
  • Increase Productivity and Quality
  • Gain Worldwide Quality Recognition through ISO 9001
  • Increase Business Opportunities
  • Identify and mitigate threats to your business model
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by minimizing the chance of mistakes that could damage your reputation
  • Control your processes allowing you to better manage your organization and provide a deeper understanding of your business
  • Getting well-defined job descriptions, expectations, and objectives to give employees the confidence they need to empower them to perform
  • Improve processes, reduce inefficiency, and waste, and assist in achieving an organization’s objectives

Structure Of Our Business Diagnostics

Our approach is based on the International Trade Centre’s global standard for Business diagnostics. The details of the areas of your business that we assess using this global standard are provided herein.

Knowledge Of Competitors

Market Segmentation

Target Market Segment

Market Positioning

Strategic Plan

Strategy Verification

Motivation To Export

Capability Group: Cost
Balancing Production Or Line Systems
Developing Maintenance Systems
Improving Methods
Installing Cost Reduction Programmes
Capability Group: Time
Determining Inventory Requirements
Handling Materials
Purchasing And Expediting
Keeping Stock
Capability Group: Quantity
Designing And Installing Plant
Engineering Production Processes
Locating And Evaluating Plant Site
Capability Group: Quality
Developing Quality Standards
Developing Quality Control Procedures
Designing Product Service Departments
Capability Group: Fulfilling Orders
Estimating Production Costs
Dispatching Work
Scheduling Work And Routing
Fulfilling Freight Operations

Capability Group: Communication        

Preparing Sales Literature

Programming Advertising

Programming Promotions

Capability Group: Distribution

Setting Up The Channels Of Distribution

Capability Group: Getting Orders

Prompting And Responding To Sales Inquiries

Preparing Specifications And Negotiating

Pricing And Quoting

Analyzing Business Management Requirements
Designing General Accounting Systems
Designing Cost Accounting Systems
Appraising Reactions
Calculating And Using Standard Costs
Conducting Development Experiments
Conducting Market Potential Studies
Conducting Audits
Conducting Economic Studies
Evaluating Markets
Forecasting Sales
Preparing Internal Publications And Handbooks
Preparing Feasibility Studies
Conducting Basic Research

Developing Organizational Plans
Describing And Evaluating Jobs
Installing Activities
Preparing Wage And Salary Administration Plans
Forecasting Workforce
Collective Bargaining
Counselling Personnel
Exchanging Information With Employees
Conducting Management Development Programmes
Providing Employee Services
Securing Teamwork
Testing Personnel
Appraising Personnel
Rating Merit

Determining Policies
Developing Systems And Procedures
Preparing Functional Plans
Preparing Long-Range Plans
Maintaining An Adequate Level Of Working Capital
Securing Funds For Asset Replacement
Controlling Budgets
Conducting Management Controls
Reviewing Product Development Processes

Seeking And Building Strategic Partnerships
Establishing Association And Society Relations
Participating In Civic Affairs
Securing Legal/Secretarial Assistance

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