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You are ready to be your boss, and you are very excited about the potential of your idea. Still, you need that extra capital to make your dream a reality, and you need to convince an investor that your business is viable. Investors expect to see a business plan when you approach them. A business plan is paramount. You are confident that your business will succeed, but you are unsure of the process to achieve it. We can help. We develop high-quality professional business plans for start-ups and existing companies looking for funding, entering new markets, introducing new products, or restructuring.

At Astute Business Consulting, we help you succeed in business, thus making your entrepreneurial dreams come true. We provide you with very well written business plans which meet every professional standard.

We make sure everything a prospective investor, bank or some other source of funding will look for in a business plan to be convinced about the viability of the business is included in our business plans, so they don’t think twice about saying yes to your request for funding. All you must do is give us the information we need about your business, with which we will conduct our research to develop the same business plan you require.

Our Business Plans cut across all sectors of the economy, and they are tailor-made to suit your needs uniquely.

We provide the best plans at very competitive prices to ensure that you have an excellent value for money while building and maintaining a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you.

A clear and attractive business plan can make the path to funding much, much easier for all of you. You have only one chance to make that crucial first impression with investors. We are here to help you.

As business plan developers, we will help you refine your ideas and strategies and mould them into viable businesses. We put your business under a microscope. We challenge your assumptions, fill the gaps in your thinking, do independent research and analysis, and help plan business models, tactics, and strategies. 

We help crystallise your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets and plan for business scalability. We then help you express it in a clear business plan that is most appropriate for your specific situation and target audience.

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